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AMP is our two-on-one coaching program dedicated to helping you strenghten your practice through advanced personalized mentoring.

AMP up your practice and your life!

AMP is our Advanced Mentoring Program for long-term success

Get direct access to the knowledge and experience of two very successful acupuncturists/business owners who will mentor you into becoming the doctor of your dreams and help you strenghten your practice for long-term success.

We guide you to a higher level of thinking, transitioning your mindset from technician to CEO.
We throroughly analyze your practice.
We coach you through marketing strategies and tactics specific to your market.
We coach you through advanced sales and patient communication strategies.
We specialize in filling clinic staff positions, such as office managers, care co-ordinator and patient care technicians. We help you find and train the finest team member for your busy clinic through our unparalleled clinic staffing process.
And so much more!

I am confident in saying that joining AMP is one of the best major life decisions I have ever made. I opened a 5 room clinic in the middle of a pandemic which I have since outgrown and will be turning into an 8 room clinic in a couple weeks. My first year open I made over $150K and I am on course to make over $250K for 2021. Here's the BEST part, patients are GRATEFUL and getting BETTER!! I'm helping people! I'm changing people's lives!… and I am getting PAID well for it!

West River Acupuncture & Wellness

Being a part of AMP has been one of the best decisions I've made in my 10 years of practice. These two successful acupuncturists bring three full skill sets to the table. They are a great team who are always in friendly competition with one other and constantly pushing us. Not only do we get two mentors whom we contact individually when any need arises, we get each other to bounce ideas off of. Having a core group of motivated teammates to converse with on a weekly and sometimes daily basis is priceless.

NorthWoods Acupuncture & Wellness Center

I joined AMP and have received top-of-the-line coaching. I love that Tonya and Min are there for me to constantly bounce ideas off-of. And that is what's important to me - my quality of life and financial goals are important to them, too. I was always frustrated with my peers and their small way of thinking. I always had bigger goals and practiced outside the acu-box. Being around the Big 2 and the rest of the AMP family is both motivating and relaxing - I no longer feel the need to hide my ambition and dreams - in fact, I am stretched to my limits in a wonderful way. I've already had my highest grossing month ever, and can't wait to see where the next year takes me.

Spark Health